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General Information

Parade is Saturday December 1, 2018, 6:00pm

(Boat’s line up at 5:30pm)

Application deadline is Saturday, December 1, 2018 before 4:30pm

$20 Entry Fee

Rain or High Wind alternative date is December 8, 2018

(CLICK HERE or the image below, for printable copy)

For cancellation and/or other weather related questions, please contact Teri Bayus at (805) 305-0579 or the Harbor Patrol Office

Cash prizes this year are $500 for first, $350 for second, $150 for third.

All participants must come to the Harbor Office- 1275 Embarcadero within 7-10 days AFTER the parade to turn in their numbers, pick up their goodie bag and claim their cash prizes during regular business hours. The Morro Bay Rotary Lighted Boat Parade Committee reserves the right to limit the number of entries in each division and the total number of boats. Participants may pick up their boat numbers on Friday, November 30 (3:00 to 5:00pm) at the Visitors Center office located at 695 Harbor Ave, Morro Bay, and on Saturday, December 1st (1:00pm to 4:30pm) at the Santa House (Front and Embarcadero at the Giant Chess Board). If you have any questions– Contact: Teri Bayus @ 805-305-0579 or email at

$20 Entry Fee -All entrants will receive a goodie bag when returning your number.

Make Checks Out To “Rotary Club of Morro Bay” And Mail With Your Application To: PO Box 806, Morro Bay, CA 93443

Resources for Boaters

Boat Registration

Register your boat as a participant in the exciting annual event. Include your bio so our judges can let participants know who you are!

Learn More

Skipper's Information

Being the boat's skipper is an important role, especially when navigating dark waters. Here is where you'll find everything your Skipper needs to know.

Learn More

Parade Route

Know where the parade route begins, where the judges will be watching to grade your decorations, where to turn-around, and more right here.

Learn More


  1. Have your boat in the water south of the launch ramp by 5:30 PM to be lined up. Parade begins at 6:00 PM.
  2. Tune to VHF Channel 6 for parade information and direction. The Harbor Patrol Boat and Coast Guard Axillary will be in the water assisting boaters. PLEASE WATCH FOR THEM!
  3. Wait for the parade director to let you know when to start. An announcement will be broadcasted over VHF Channel 6.
  4. No open flames or fireworks are allowed on vessel in the parade.
  5. For the enjoyment of all spectators, make every effort to continue along the parade route past TARGET ROCK and then make the turn between Channel Markers 4 and 5 before you get to the Harbor Entrance. (BE AWARE that larger boats may need to turn sooner than the smaller boats.) Additionally, we would request that all participants navigate the parade route twice. After the turn past Target Rock, head back towards the Launch Ramp and make the turn at Tidelands Dock and continue back to Target Rock. Failure to completely follow this route will make you disqualified from the prize money.
  6. For safety reasons, the manual propelled boats and paddle boards will have a separate daytime parade on Sunday from 1-4pm. If paddle craft choose to participate at night, stay as close to the docks as possible. With the combination of lights, noise from engines and people, the larger boats have a tough time seeing the manual propelled boats along the route. Paddle craft will not be eligible for prizes on Saturday night- only Sunday.
  7. Please Pick up your numbers at the Santa House (at the Giant Chess Board) on the day of the parade before 5:00pm. Please place your PARADE NUMBER visibly on the Starboard Side (righthand side) of your vessel.
  8. Boating under the influence will be strictly enforced and any deemed under the influence shall not be eligible for prizes.
  9. Judging will take place at the 3-hour dock between Rose’s Landing and the Libertine (mid Embarcadero) and participating boaters are encouraged to complete a full circle at this point. ONLY ONE, PLEASE!
  10. Speed limit is 5 MPH, please space your vessel accordingly without too large of gaps.
  11. All participants to receive a bag of goodies (valued at $50) and a participation commemoration. Please come to the Harbor Office (1275 Embarcadero) within 7-10 days following the parade to receive your goodie bag, return your numbers and claim your prize money.
  12. Cash prizes for the night are $500 for first, $350 for second and $150 for third. (Non-motorized boats and sponsored boats are not eligible for prize money.)

Be patient! Navigate slowly and have a great time…

HIGH TIDE IS AT 5:28 pm and is a 4.0 / Low tide is at 11:36 pm and is a 0.6

(For Printable version of these rules – CLICK HERE)